The following rules apply to ALL competitions.

Photos can be Mounted Prints or Projected images.

All images Digital and Prints must be entered online for all competitions before the closing date competition.

Prints these must include; the name of the Print and the Member.

Should a trophy be awarded, the member will be responsible for the cost of engraving.  Engraving is optional.

 NB.    If you are entering images that are similar but from a separate negative/digital image then please make sure each image has a different title.


1 – May be Trade or Home Processed by the member.

2 – May be digitally produced but all manipulation must have been carried out by the Member.

3 – May be colour or black & white.

4 – Must not be less than 9 inches on the longest side.

5 – Must have a title and the author’s name, clearly marked on the reverse

6 – Mounts must not be larger than 500mm x 400mm.

Projected Images:

1 – Images should consist entirely of the work of the member, and the member must carry out all digital manipulation.

2 – The image should be produced specifically for this competition and not entered into any other Grantham & District Camera Club competitions, but can be entered in to the Annual Exhibition if original image criteria allows, e.g. age etc.

3 – As images will be projected through a digital projector, it is therefore important images should be a maximum size of 1400 x 1050 pixels and be in colour space SRGB

4 – Images may be smaller than this if required, but they should be of a reasonable size for viewing by ensuring at least one dimension of the image meets the standard defined above.

5 – All images should be saved as a JPEG in order to be able to be displayed on any computer


A monochrome image is an image consisting of a single color against a neutral background. For example, old “green screen” monitors were called monochrome monitors because they used a single color (green or amber) against a neutral background (black). All black and white images are monochrome images, but not all monochrome images are black and white. For example, a monochrome image might consist of black on yellow.

Black and White

A black and white image is a specific type of monochrome image which uses black against a white background.


Graysacle is a method of representing black and white images on a computer. Grayscale images are represented using only 256 shades of gray rather than the full pallet of colors.

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