We run a number of Photographic Competitions, organised by our Competition Secretary.

If you have any questions, or want more information about what we do, you can get in touch by emailing one of the committee members.

Please scroll down for our competition rules. Projected image size for ALL Grantham Camera Club competitions is a maximum of 1400 pixels width and 1050 pixels height, borders may be added to reach the maximum size if you like. External competitions may require alternative sizes.

* Bi-Monthly Competition – As the name implies, these are held every other month.

An external Judge awards points 1 – 20 and irrespective of how many photos you have submitted, the score of the highest one is the only one counted.

The scores are accumulated over the four heats so that an overall winner is decided at the end of the year.

No entry should be more than three years old at the time of use, and can only be used in one season’s competitions.

Entering into the first heat commits the author to the rest of the subsequent heats.

* End of Season Competition – This is another regular annual competition. This is a themed competition.

All submissions to this competition must be less than one year old and must not have appeared in any other Grantham Camera Club competition.

* “Three Of A Kind” Competition – Entrants are asked to produce 3 Images.

This competition is an internally run Club competition, and will be judged by Mike Armstrong. The judging will be based on 3 criteria: Imagination and interpretation of the subject, Technical skill, and overall appeal.

The idea is to send you out to think about what you’re photographing, and enable everyone regardless of ability to do well. There will be a small prize for the winner after the last “3 Of a Kind” Competition!

Rules are as follows:

1- We require 3 Prints.

2 – Your pictures must work together as a set.

3 – Images should consist entirely of the work of the member, and the member must carry out all digital manipulation.

4 – All images MUST be shot specifically for the purpose of these themes, and must be taken within the clubs season, ie between September and April.

* Competitions are also held jointly with other Photographic or Camera clubs. Different rules may then apply.

* Other competitions may take part during the year at the discretion of the members present.

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